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Based on cutting edge research and new theories this book provides insight into one of life’s

greatest mysteries:

What are ghosts and what causes them?


Parapsychologist and clinical therapist, Brandon Massullo in his revelatory book, “The Ghost Studies"  provides new insights into paranormal events reported by millions of people each year.

The Ghost Studies is far more than a compilation of ghost stories, or a recounting of the “ooh” and “aah” of a haunting experience, The Ghost Studies offers readers scientific explanations for paranormal occurrences.

    The Ghost Studies introduces:

  • New and exciting theories based on scientific research to explain apparitions, hauntings, and communications from the dead

  • The latest research into ghosts and the role of energy and electricity in ghostly encounters

  • The role that emotions, bioenergetics, and the environment play in ghostly encounters

  • New research into why some individuals are more prone to ghostly encounters

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"I recommend this for those who like to geek out on the science of hauntings"

"Finally a discussion of what "ghosts" might possibly be"

"The Ghost Studies was an interesting read. One that I definitely scribbled in, ear-marked pages, and all that stuff you do when you want to cross-reference and remember things. The author makes a lot of salient points, and a lot of times I found myself sitting back and just reconsidering things I had previously brushed off"

"A breath of fresh air in the area of ideas about ghosts."

"I really enjoyed this book and all of the theories the author presented. It's a breath of fresh air when someone thinks outside of the preconceived box when it comes to the paranormal."