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Are You More Prone to Ghostly Encounters? (Part 2)

Welcome to part 2! Thanks for coming back. This blog is going to briefly review the research that I carried out on environmental sensitivity and paranormal experiences. My research was carried out at Mary King’s Close (MKC) which is located on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile and has been featured on several television shows including Ghost Hunters International, Most Haunted, and Cities of the Underworld. MKC consists of underground apartments and businesses that were used during the 1600’s. MKC is shrouded in myths and urban legends and is reported to be the setting of many murders. Individuals suffering from the plague were, according to reports, walled up and left for dead in MKC. As with most sto

Are You More Prone to Ghostly Encounters? (Part 1)

I’m jealous of people who report having ghostly experiences! I said it and I don’t feel guilty about it. Actually, it feels good to get that off my chest. My friends talk about how they wish they could be professional athletes, Hollywood actors, or live in a mansion, however I wish I could have a truly genuine ghostly encounter. I wish I could see a full torso apparition. I wish I could be part of a life-changing ghostly encounter that shatters the principles of science and reality itself. Is this weird? Yes, it is. At least according to my wife. A 2013 Huffington Post Poll showed that 18% (56 million) of Americans report actually seeing a ghost. I can say, without question, that being part


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