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3 Ways to Advance the Paranormal Field

Paranormal investigations have become stale. With so many paranormal investigators and so many investigations of ghosts and haunted locations where is all the evidence? Often the thought among paranormal investigators is that they will find the “smoking gun” or one piece of “evidence” that will prove that ghosts exist. Investigations seem to focus entirely on finding a single EVP, video, or picture that will provide conclusive evidence of the afterlife. Take a moment and ponder these questions; How many EVPs have you listened to on TV shows? How many EVPs do you think exist on the internet? How many pictures or videos of ghosts have you seen on the internet or on ghost hunting shows? My gues

Why Do Ghosts Hang Around Us Boring Living People?

"I just bought a house that was built around the 1940’s. One evening after I had finished putting away some items in the kitchen I was walking up the steps. As I glanced up the staircase there was a man wearing 1970’s style clothing with huge sideburns and a moustache staring at me. I was horrified and immediately thought that a burglar was in the house. I screamed and told him to leave. At that moment, he vanished right in front of my eyes. I was confused and scared so I called the police. Needless to say, after searching the house they found no man dressed in 70’s clothes. I thought maybe I was just imagining things and chalked this up to exhaustion or something. A few days later I was re


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