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Why Do Ghosts Hang Around Us Boring Living People?

"I just bought a house that was built around the 1940’s. One evening after I had finished putting away some items in the kitchen I was walking up the steps. As I glanced up the staircase there was a man wearing 1970’s style clothing with huge sideburns and a moustache staring at me. I was horrified and immediately thought that a burglar was in the house. I screamed and told him to leave. At that moment, he vanished right in front of my eyes. I was confused and scared so I called the police. Needless to say, after searching the house they found no man dressed in 70’s clothes. I thought maybe I was just imagining things and chalked this up to exhaustion or something. A few days later I was reading in bed and noticed a mist that traveled into my room. I then felt a strong sense of a presence. Knowing I couldn’t call the police for a misty cloud I sat and watched. The mist moved about the room as if completing a routine, going from the closet to the bathroom several times and then back out the hallway. Over the next year, I had numerous encounters with this ghostly man. On several occasions, I would see him in the kitchen, bedroom, and on the stairs. Each time the encounter was brief and he faded away right in front of me. While I was startled, I was never fearful for my safety."

Wow. Amazing. To be part of something that transcends what science and humanity can explain cannot be explained in words. Reports of ghostly encounters are fascinating!

Wait a minute ... Hold the Phone ... Pump the Brakes

Why is this deceased being hanging around?

Is this invisible entity sitting on the couch 365 days a year just waiting for the right moment to appear to this woman?

Shouldn't have this spirit, entity, energy, soul, or ghost have moved on to heaven or at least another plane of existence?

Why would a ghost or soul choose to hang around this world?

According to James VanPraagh who is the author of Ghosts Among Us, a producer for the popular TV show Ghost Whisperer, and a psychic medium; earthbound spirits stay close to earth due to unfinished business, being scared of the light, or simply because they are confused or unaware of what is going on.

Mediums or psychics see themselves as ghost psychologists in that they work with the ghosts or earthbound spirits to determine their issue and help them cross into the light. Van Praagh’s views are probably the most common theory held by believers in ghosts or life after death, which is commonly called the Spiritualist view, which is based on the Spiritualism movement in mid-1800’s. He did not come up with this theory as it has been the common hypothesis of ghost hunters, psychics, and paranormal enthusiasts for over 100 years. The idea of ghosts hanging around to complete unfinished business is almost part of our culture. Many TV shows, movies, and haunting documentaries use this premise often. The idea being that there is a reason for the haunting and once that reason is discovered the ghost or disembodied soul can move on. There is even a specialization in mediumship called Spirit Rescue where mediums are specifically trained in crossing over techniques and tools to help Earthbound Spirits. The TV show Ghost Whisperer, which Van Praagh produced, has a similar theme to almost every episode, which involves the medium gaining information from the ghost, then working with the ghost to help them find peace and cross over.

The general idea is that earthbound spirits are souls that are either unwilling or unable to leave earth.

Does this mean that all ghosts or spirits that we encounter are Earthbound spirits? Let's look at another case example;

"My father had passed away several years ago. We had a very special relationship and I definitely considered myself a "daddy's girl". His passing was a shock to the whole family and while I still miss him the grief has lessened. My mother's health had recently made an unexpected turn for the worst and I was fearful of losing her as well. Overwhelmed with sadness, worry, and fear I lied down on the couch one evening. It must have been around 8pm when my encounter occurred. I know that I was not asleep. While lying on the couch an overwhelming sense of comfort overcame me. As I sat up I saw an image of my father. I wasn't scared just shocked. He walked towards me and whispered "Don't be sad". He then rubbed my shoulder, which is what he would do to ease my sadness when I was a teenager. The encounter only lasted seconds and then he slowly faded away."

To have an amazing ghostly encounter with a person who had been such a special and integral part of one’s life is the definition of a life-changing event.The notion that this woman's father showed up during an emotionally stressful time to comfort and ease psychological distress is remarkable.

Wait a minute.... Hold the phone... Pump the brakes

This woman's father appeared on one occasion to comfort his daughter in a time of distress. Does this mean her deceased father is an earthbound spirit unaware he died or unwilling to leave earth? Doesn't seem like it. He appeared once, didn't seem confused or lost, doesn't appear to have some unfinished business, and doesn't present as fixated on earthly matters. Doesn't appear to be any reason he would choose to remain earthbound. This ghostly encounter doesn't fall neatly into the Spiritualistic view of earthbounds spirits which causes me to rasie an onslaught of questions;

Was the father hanging around the house since his death waiting for the perfect time to ease his daughter's distress?

Can he move on now?

Was she having a hallucination?

Was she tapping into some universal energy in which her father's consciousness exists?

Was this an unconscious projection of her inner psyche as a means to decrease her emotional distress?

Do I prefer paper or plastic? What?

The definitions or explanations by VanPraagh and others of earthbound sprits surely doesn't explain all types of ghostly encounters. While this theory is by far the most popular that doesn't mean it is the most encompassing. There are numerous other theories on the causes of ghosts.

The motivation or purpose of this blog (Haunted Theories) is to examine all theories regarding ghostly encounters. As you can tell I have many questions and thoughts on ghosts and would love for you to follow me on my journey of exploration.

My goal is to examine different theories and thoughts on the causes of ghostly encounters as well as introduce my thoughts and theories. So stay tuned and I will answer the questions I raised in the upcoming blogs.

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